Rebuilding A Girls Dream Home After Tragedy

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With the help of friends, family and the community of tiny house lovers, Sicily designed and built a 128-square foot house that can serve has a hangout space or living space.

Her mother and teacher who had founded her school, Suzannah Kolbeck, would serve as the project manager, the guide to making plans and reaching milestones. She would help create a budget and manage the science and art that goes into constructing a home.
Dane Kolbeck, Sicily's dad, would help with the hands-on. He was a sailor and woodworker with a great collection of tools, but he'd never built a house, and certainly not with a middle-schooler in charge.
He would provide the guidance needed to get the project off the ground, and although they didn't know it at the time, the spark to finish it, even after unimaginable tragedy.
She launched a blog, La Petite Maison, a nod to the French classes her mother insisted she take, and an Indiegogo fund-raising campaign that quickly exceeded its $1,500 goal. She drew clumsy blueprints -- piles and piles of possibilities -- then built scale models and a birdhouse that introduced her to power tools.

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