How Google Streets Is Keeping This Historical Home From Selling.... Boo!

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This is a Fannie Mae Homepath property. This historical stunning home is more than rare! This property has been placed on the National Register or Historic Places! Beautiful covered porch welcomes you as you take a step back in time! Gorgeous stained glass, gleaming hardwood floors, large walk up attic provides ample room for storage. Possible second apartment that could be rented out for extra income. It was built in 1880 and is an irregularly massed 2 1/2-story wood-frame structure in the Queen Anne style. It features an engaged circular tower with conical roof....

Despite the rare home earning its place on the National Register of Historic Places, the 3 bedroom house has been uninhabited and neglected for nearly half a decade now. Built sometime in the 1880s by a former clergyman turned wealthy hardware business owner, William H. Dorrance, the house complete with a tower roof, gorgeous stained and hardwood floors, fell into foreclosure recently after failing to sell at $169,000. It’s last owners bought the house several years back for $234,000 but mysteriously left almost as soon as they bought it, leaving the house in its current state today.

On the bright side, you’ll never be lonely in the Dorrance home! Let’s take a look...

Oh, look at that, a friendly-ish face in the fireplace!

Ghostbusters can find the listing here.

And check out that suspicious Google capture for yourself here.  Via Messy N Chic

But there is some very exciting news about this home that you must see....  

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